Orford to Rheban beach

Orford to Rheban Beach

Perhaps we can describe Orford ( 73 kilometers north-east of Hobart)as the “Gate” to the east coast of Tasmania.

Many visitors coming from Hobart or from the north just stop in Orford at the shops or the local waterfronts and then cross the bridge without exploring the area.

Directly in line with the bridge is Rheban Rd also known as the C320 road. This road will take you to Spring beach, only 4 km from the bridge. Spring beach has undercover picknick tables, electric BBQ, and clean toilets. There are no camping sites there but a discrete visitor in a van would not have any difficulty in stopping overnight in the large car park.

Here are some photos of Spring Beach


From Spring Beach the road continues to Rheban Beach. The distance is just over 7 km of gravel corrugated road surface. Even if the distance it is short, the views are magnificent and the photos opportunities are not to be missed.

There are excellent views of Mary Island all along the shore.

Continuing from that road it will take you to Marion bay and beyond but will leave for another opportunity.

Here are some photos from the road to Rheban Beach

RhebanRd(C320)Carrickfergus BayViews6

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2 thoughts on “Orford to Rheban beach

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and visiting my blog. Yes, after living in NSW and Queensland and cope with some extreme weather i like living here.
      The wilderness is awesome and everithing is very close regardless where is your home base.

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