Lake Pedder, Tasmania

Lake Pedder is in the south-west of Tasmania, a beautiful wilderness place and in the World Heritage protected areas in the world. Together with Lake Gordon that it is next to it they covering more than 500 square kilometers and holding more than 37 times the volume of water than Sydney Harbour. Lake Pedder covers an area of approximately 242 square kilometers. This is paradise for exploring the lake on a canoe or kayak.

The flora is absolutely unique and beautiful and a trained eye for photography will find lots of opportunities for any type of photography regardless of the weather conditions.

Another thing that attracted our attention was the color palette and texture of the rocks.

There are many camping sites and walking tracks to explore. We set camp in Teds Beach where are toilets, undercover BBQ, and power points to set a campers kitchen is all weather.

Camping it is free.

Lake Pedder

Views from the Lake Pedder lookout


Lake Pedder 060-web

Lake Pedder 080-web

Lake Pedder 073-web

On the way to the camping area and the beginning of the lake.


Lake Pedder 099Lake Pedder 098Lake Pedder 106Lake Pedder 109Lake Pedder 113

Lake Pedder 102

Not a bad views from our camping site.

Lake Pedder 116Lake Pedder 128Lake Pedder 129Lake Pedder 133Lake Pedder 117



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