More work have been done

And not much left to do apart of the DC wiring system.

Today we have the AC done and ready for certification, we have done the front bench back wall and we have the cushions.

We will have the van inspected for changing from commuter bus to a campervan next Tuesday and if all well it will be ready for registration and road ready.

Here are few photos of the progress.

The outside kitchen

We never liked cooking inside and will do it only if the weather does not cooperate. Having that in mind we fitted at the back a large 45 kg capacity drawer which holds a single burner induction plate plus a two burner lpg stove.

Having the cooking facilities at the back allowing us to use the large back gate for protection of the weather. We are planning to have the option to put a canvas all around to have privacy when we using that part to have a shower. we

Both are portable so they can be moved to the camping table or inside where there is plenty room.

For washing the dishes we will use a portable collapsible sink with the faucet that will have a long hose for multipurpose use including outside shower.



Bench tops, trimmings and more

The fitting out continues at a pace allowed by the weather and other factors.

We got joined the planks of Silver Wattle ( a Tasmanian variety of acacia) and we cut them to the different lengths required. Finished with 4.20 m of bench space. Not too bad for a medium size camper!!

The two cabinets on each side of the sliding door are nearly finished. The one which holds the 54 lt water tank need the door made.

The cabinets are finished with Lime White varnish and 3 coats of clear finish on the top. It is a nice and delicate finish between the lime white and the clear coat on the Tasmanian Oak trimmings.

We made and fitted the 125 kg capacity drawer and have one more of 45 kg capacity ready. Each drawer is 80cm wide by 45 cm deep.

Down below are few photos of the tasks done.