Cabinet and bench tops finished and in position

The tops were treated with 2 coats of grapeseed oil on both sides and are now in position.

We are happy with the result, the timber color tones and details are enhanced and have a good protection easy to maintain.

On the top of that, the oil is 100% organic and the will be no volatile fumes.

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Bench tops, trimmings and more

The fitting out continues at a pace allowed by the weather and other factors.

We got joined the planks of Silver Wattle ( a Tasmanian variety of acacia) and we cut them to the different lengths required. Finished with 4.20 m of bench space. Not too bad for a medium size camper!!

The two cabinets on each side of the sliding door are nearly finished. The one which holds the 54 lt water tank need the door made.

The cabinets are finished with Lime White varnish and 3 coats of clear finish on the top. It is a nice and delicate finish between the lime white and the clear coat on the Tasmanian Oak trimmings.

We made and fitted the 125 kg capacity drawer and have one more of 45 kg capacity ready. Each drawer is 80cm wide by 45 cm deep.

Down below are few photos of the tasks done.


Installing cabinets

We applied 3 coats of Feats Watson Stain & Varnish Liming White and 3 coats of clear coat on all the marine plywood. On the Tasmanian oak frames, we applied 2 coats of clear varnish.

The cabinets are in position and need the top and trimming

The top will be Silver Wattle Tasmanian timber which will be delivered next Friday.

The side cabinet will have access through the top because the side will be blocked when the bed is extended.

In the large cabinet opposite to the sliding door will be the fridge/freezer that will be on the shelf with 125 kg capacity runners.

Two more cabinets will be made on each side of the sliding door, one that will join with the side cabinet to hold the water tank and the other for small goods.


Making some cabinets

Today, 22/9, we started making the cabinets that will go opposite to the lounge/bed.

We are using Tasmanian Oak (a hardwood from Tasmania) and marine plywood. All dressed 42mm x 19 mm and 6ee5 mm x 19 mm is used for the frames joined with pocket hole screws.

The Kreg pocket hole jig and their screws are very easy to use and made a neat and strong join.

The plywood it is glued to the frames and because we do not have a selection of clamps for every job we are using weights to press the ply to the frames.


Testing the retractable slat

We finished the retractable slat section for the couch and part of the bed and tested it before fixing it to the base/storage. It works fine so now will screw it to the base and will be ready to take it to the van when required.

The slat is made using 42mm x 19 mm all-dressed pine. The base using Tasmanian oak timber and plywood treated with clear varnish.



Making the Couch/bed

Today I started assembling the couch/bed extending slat system. When finished will be a corner seating couch which will convert to a bed 1.95 m long by 1.5 m wide
A spacer 1.5 mm wide was used between the moving parts to allow free movement when the slat it is extended to a full with. IMG_20170913_210704295